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Monitoring and Control

Our in-house developed monitoring system, Synapse, enables us to be more proactive when it comes to managing your server and will allow us to react a lot quicker when problems arise.

Besides being able to detect service failures, Synapse is also able to make educated guesses as to when a server is suffering from load related issues - without actually entering your server. If such issues would ever happen to take place on your server - you can be assured that one of our NOC technicians will be right there, on your server, trying to prevent the problem from escalating any further.

It goes without saying, that Synapse also monitors all shared, reseller and VPS servers. In other words, less service interruptions and better uptime.

By default, all servers in our data center have been added to Synapse and are already being actively monitored by our staff. If you do not wish for your server(s) to be monitored, please submit a ticket to our help desk with the subject "Remove from monitoring system". Please note, that if your server is removed from our monitoring system, we will effectively have no way to tell whether your server is running properly, which means, that you will have to contact us if you are experiencing any issues. It is recommended to keep this service active, as the feedback we have received from clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

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