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Comodo SSL Certificates - Starting at $30 a year!

Essential SSL

$30/year - More Info

Our Essential SSL certificates are 128 or 256-bit encryption certificates with 2048-bit keys. With these certificates you can cover both version of your domain ( and at no extra cost all under the same certificate! This certificate also comes with a $10,000 warranty.

Essential SSL Wildcard

$150/year - More Info

With our wildcard Comodo SSL Certificates you can generate and order one certificate, and use it to install on multiple subdomains! No need to keep track of renewing a different certificate for every subdomain you want you secure, you can order one certificate and secure them all. This certificate also comes with a $250,000 warranty.


$300/year - More Info

With our Extended-Validation Certificates you can create instant trust with your visitors. This certificate will enable the Green Bar at the top of browsers and shows your visitors that you have gone through a strict validation process to ensure your business is real and that you can be trusted to keep client data secure. This certificate also comes with a $250,000 warranty.

Why Do You Need SSL?

It is more important than ever to keep your visitors' details safe. Everyone is on guard of their financial and personal information, and with good reason! If your site is secured with an SSL from Surpass, you have your collected data protected.

Not Just For Shopping Carts!

While most think of online stores when SSL certificates are mentioned, there is much more that you can SSLs for! Secure FTP transfers, encrypted email downloads, digital email signatures and more!

Our Price Can't Be Matched

We have a special deal with our SSL provider that allows us to offer you the lowest prices anywhere for SSL certificates! You will need to be sure that you have a dedicated IP address also in order for the SSL to function.*

Order Your SSL

For ordering instructions, you may use our Resource Guide:

*Additional fee will apply for installation requests.

* All SSL enabled domains are required to be issued a dedicated IP address. Without a private IP, the SSL will not function. IP pricing is as follows: $5.00/month per dedicated IP address for Shared, Reseller, and VPS.

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