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Affiliates FAQ

First things first:

You're awesome!

Wanna make affiliate cash but don't know where to begin?

Check here for the most commonly asked questions about our affiliate referral program. It may seem easy to start making money, however things can quickly get out of hand. Don't let that stop you from missing out on our Affiliate Program! If you have any questions that are not covered please feel free to contact us via live chat, email, or phone.

1. What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a revenue sharing program that relies on you, the affiliate, to drive traffic to our site. As an exchange, we will provide commissions on each referral that you provide.

2. Does it cost anything?

It is absolutely free! All you have to do is sign up and start spreading the word.

3. How does it work?

Each affiliate is given a unique URL that helps us track sales you sent to us. When a visitor on your site clicks on the affiliate banner or link a cookie is set for 60 days on their computer. If they complete a purchase on our website within that time you receive commission!

4. Where can I put a banner?

You can place a banner anywhere on your site that you would like. The more noticeable it is, the better for you!

5. What if I just have a blog? Can I add a banner there?

Of course! You can add it to the top or sides of a blog.

6. How much do I get for the different hosting packages:

Depending on the hosting account that your visitor purchases will depend on the amount you receive:

Shared $20.00 per sign up
Reseller $45.00 per sign up
VPS $75.00 per sign up
Dedicated $95.00 per sign up

All accounts are subject to a 60-day approval period for fraud prevention purposes.

7. How are sales tracked from my site?

You will receive a unique affiliate ID that is attached to custom links and banners. This will place a 60-day cookie on the visitors computer for tracking purposes. If a client purchases a hosting plan within the 60 days, then you will receive commission for the purchase.

8. How can I use my earnings?

You can choose to either use the credits towards open invoices or do a payout through Paypal. You must have $50 credit in order to receive a Paypal payout.

9. How long until my credits are live?

We will hold a referral as pending for up to 60 days before we confirm the referral and assign credits to your account.

10. What if I refer one client and they create multiple Core accounts, will I receive credit for each?

No you will not. The affiliate program is intended to reward you for sending new clients, not new hosting packages. So creating different accounts for the same person will not earn you more commissions, just make it harder for that client to receive support for their different hosting packages.

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