Surpass Hosting


In 2002, we began a common hosting mission – to offer affordable hosting services with exceptional, first-rate support. The difference between us and our industry rivals and competitors is that we have always chosen uncommon routes to achieve common goals. Our unique points of view regarding support structure have brought new methods thinking to the entire hosting world.

Our constant research and careful planning bring our services to new levels every day. Most of all, we are not only your host, we are your friend in the business. Our forum provides a place for customers to interact and get to know each other while at the same time sharing secrets to success. Success and Surpass seem to go hand in hand.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Surpass Hosting, LLC is a member of the HostDime family of web hosting companies. Our combined efforts have allowed us to launch two data centers in Central Florida. Surpass services over 500,000 websites adding approximately 300 more per week. 2012 marks our tenth anniversary of providing exceptional hosting for personal sites to high traffic portals. We are a fast growing company that you will always be able to count on.

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