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One Love 3

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One Love for Three Days - February 14th through 16th! You can purchase the Power shared hosting plan and only pay $1 for the entire year! (Next Renewal Date: February 1, 2010) After the year is up the normal yearly payment cycle for that plan will begin. Remember that the Surpass service and support will be the same as it always has been!

This link must be used to order! Link expires at midnight EST!

And just a note: You are responsible for registering your domain name. One Love does not include a domain name. Also, last year we put up 10 brand new servers in our data center to accomodate our One Love customers. This year expect the same fast servers each with the same low number of accounts. It couldn't be any better..

We are mailing a free sticker this year to each person who signs up. Put the sticker on your laptop, notebook, houseplant, pet or even your forehead! If you'd like to show us a photo of your sticker's new home, we would love to see them posted in our community forum! (The sticker to the left is not the actual sticker, we are posting the real one soon!)


Why sign up for One Love?

Our third One Love sale has the great same reasons as it did the past two years! For example, you can get a One Love account if you've never had an account with Surpass Hosting before. Use this opportunity to try out our service to see what everyone has been talking about! In a year you can choose to renew!

If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker thinking about a new project; it's the perfect time now to register a new domain and get those ideas rolling!

You want to give your sweetie a geeky gift? A One Love account is nearly free and your cuddlebug can finally start a blog about how wonderful you are. You two... get a room. Seriously.

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