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WHMCS - WHM Complete Solution

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Sign up with Surpass Hosting and receive your own WHMCS license (a $15.95 per month value!) for free! WHM Complete Solution is among the very best billing systems. Just give it a try and it will likely become your favorite application for client management! If you have a VPS or dedicated you can get a free license, too! For full details of the features of WHMCS please visit their official website:

I'll skip the details - sign me up!

To download your free license, you must have a reseller plan. Then click here to be redirected to IMPORTANT: Please be sure that before you do this that your domain is already located on and pointed to a Surpass web server, or the sign up will not work.

Free Support from WHMCS

As a new license holder you will be able to seek support from WHMCS for installation help to various questions about the system. After you sign up for your license you can access their helpdesk from within your client area!

On to details!

WHM Complete Solution is compatible with:

Control panels: cPanel, Direct Admin, and Plesk

Worldwide payment processors from Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, UK, USA and more: PayPal,, BluePay, eWay, eProcessing, ChronoPay, 2checkout, LinkPoint, protx, PSiGate, WorldPay, e-gold, Nochex, AlertPay, PayMex, cashU, StormPay, paymate, BRpay and moneybookers. Phew!

Domain registrars: eNom, Directi, and Stargate.

Fraud protection services: MaxMind and VariLogiX.

And if you need to migrate to WHMCS from another system, migration scripts are available for ModernBill, Clientexec, WHM Autopilot, AWBS, LPanel, Whois.Cart and AccountLab Plus! So it's a snap to move over your existing accounts!

Comments about WHMCS

"I am honestly in love with WHMCS.. the speed is perfect, it's just.. wow."

"WHMCS has more features, remains simple to use and integrate to an existing design."

"I found WHMCS, awesome script that contains numerous features, friendly staff.. I highly recommend this product."

"I like WHMCS and have had nothing but positive comments about it."

"WHMCS has to be the most bug-free billing script I've used compared to CE and MB. Plus, it's easy to use."

Terms of Use

For your reseller account only: The WHMCS site checks against our list of reseller server IP addresses. Your site must be pointed to our DNS and reside on a Surpass reseller server in order to receive your license. We will also do regular audits of the licenses to ensure they are distributed properly.

VPS and dedicated clients: WHMCS licenses for VPS and dedicated customers are distributed once per IP address and are only to be used for your domain.

License is valid for the life of your account. As long as you host with Surpass, WHMCS remains free for your use.

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