Yahoo! Eliminates 2000 Positions, and I Know Why.

Recent rumors of a Yahoo layoff have come to fruition. Yahoo announced today that it is eliminating or transitioning 2000 jobs in an effort to be “nimble.”

Could this be the result of Bing surpassing Yahoo as the number two search engine earlier this year? Or is it, in fact, a reflection of Google’s search engine dominance for better than a decade?  One thing is for sure, Yahoo and its business practices have definitely affected its position in the market. I remember many years ago having to pay $299 for a Yahoo business listing. At the time it was the only real way to do well in Yahoo when it had nearly the market share of Google. In fact, I remember a time when Yahoo was king. It was so much friendlier than the Lords of Free CD’s, AOL.

I think if Yahoo wants to be truly nimble, they need to simplify their homepage to start. There are so many news articles along with Trending Now and must-see videos and oh hey, there’s the mail button next to Autos and Finance and… good grief! Where’s the search bar?

In addition, there’s something that annoys me on a personal level.

Let’s say you’re on Facebook and a post says, “Joe Shmo read an article: Cool Frog Does Mambo” and you’re like, “Hey I want to see a frog do a mambo!” You click on it and you get this annoying app that asks, “Do you want to allow Yahoo to view your Facebook Account and everything you’ve ever done?”  Of course I don’t. Bad move, Yahoo. Thou shalt not block thine own links with annoying pop-ups. This could very well be one a new species of Facebook posters.

Yahoo’s expected savings for this move are anticipated to save upwards of $375 million dollars each year. Hopefully they will use this money to improve user experience.

-Vikki F.


  1. I can explain it even easier than that… have you ever tried to search for something with Yahoo? It’s worthless. I give up and switch right to Google… and even Bing does a better job finding things.

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