Smart Phone Apps – The Worst of the Worst

Smart Phone Apps - The Worst of the Worst

It is common knowledge that trends tend to come and go. When it comes to cellular phones, this gem of wisdom certainly holds true. Once upon a time, being able to send and receive text messages was the big thing. Later, video messaging was the norm. Flip phones became sliders and Razors were replaced with Androids. Needless to say, a revolution was on the horizon. After the smart phone boom, individuals started to embrace the next major technological craze…apps, nifty software applications that have essentially changed the way some of us entertain ourselves and conduct business. The fact of the matter is that apps are booming, and practically everyone with a smart phone or tablet has downloaded the software.

While most applications can be advantageous such as Expensify, FreshBooks and Teaspiller, three business related ones that landed on one of Mashable’s top five handy apps lists, or others designed to satisfy those of us who are addicted to Facebook, some can leave a few individuals scratching their heads. It seems that for every app that is beneficial, there is an equally useless one. So, are there too many apps? Are some apps pointless? What are some of the worst apps of all time? Let’s analyze a few, shall we?

When it comes down to the good, the bad, and the ugly, it could just be a matter of opinion. Apps dealing with GPS navigation, augmented reality, and social media tend to be popular. However, there are several applications that have graced the top worst lists of several technology publications…on a continual basis. Take iNap@Work for example. An app that helps employees get away with sleeping in their respective cubicles by playing the sounds of clacking on a keyboard or stapling paper is just downright wrong. A technology article in the Montreal Gazette cited iFart as another lame app. As if the name isn’t a giveaway itself, this naughty application plays a plethora of sounds resembling flatulence.

Sheesh. What’s next, belching?

As a matter of fact, yes. Beer Belch is a fairly new app dealing with potty humor and features three different burp levels. It enables users to keep a Bavarian beer-guzzler chugging down the booze until he lets out an enormous belch. Perhaps it’s an efficient way to pass the time for those that work from home. stated that it is good to have balance between good apps and bad ones, and listed five apps as the worst of the worst. Among them were iStrip Pen, an iPhone app costing a dollar that lets users strip down a girl to her undergarments, and CalmCandle, an app that features a candle flickering constantly for just five dollars. Furthermore, the folks at went on to comprise a list of the top ten Android app flops including some names you may recognize such as Adobe Flash and GMail. Others on the list included apps to add a fake mustache to one’s face. You see? There really are some meaningless apps out there.

Having said that, it begs the question…why do some people enjoy this stuff?

Christopher Abraham may have the solution. A photographer and graphic designer working out of Tallahassee, FL, he said he believes some individuals are addicted.

“People have grown accustomed to them,” said Abraham, who owns a smartphone. “People use apps every day for different uses…GPS, shopping, weather, gas prices and a lot more. There are thousands if not millions of apps – some good and some bad. I don’t think people can distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. Some people can’t even live a day without their smartphone and don’t mind using apps that are utterly pointless. I try to avoid the lame ones at all costs.”

Marrita Royster-Crockett, a broadcast journalist based in Miami, is of the same opinion. She said she believes people are simply hooked on apps, whether they are useful or pointless, because it’s still the new thing.

“It’s still cool to say to someone, ‘Hey, I have an app that can tell me how many miles I’ve walked,’” she said. “While I can’t see the charm in that, some people can get a kick out of it. However, I think that we are spending more time communicating with a screen rather than a face. We are losing the ability to openly communicate with one another. Furthermore, we are relying way too much on our apps and as a result, are losing the ability to problem solve on our own.”

While both Abraham and Crockett may have hit some key points, it is still up to individuals to decide what apps are worthwhile. While some people may view some apps as another reason as to why the digital age has made some lazy, others may find them to be utterly intriguing. It’s all in the eye of the user. Although there are applications that do come in handy, it seems that there are just as many inane apps debuting every week. To that end, it’s good to know which ones to avoid.

Perhaps that would be an app worth downloading.

– Jaylen Christie

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  1. Crap app. That sounds fitting doesn’t it? LOL. I’ll tell you another one that’s a crap app: iMirror or something like that. Basically when you open the app, its a blank screen with lights around it…because the phone it self has a reflection on it when the screen is blank. you just paid a $1 to put your phone in sleep mode. for shame, humans. For SHAME! but seriously, we enjoy this crap beucase its just novelty and believe it or not, we throw a dollar away for any old thing…look at McDonald hamburgers. over 1 billion served…

    • Jaylen C. says:

      Crap app does sound fitting, Matthew. LOL Good point about the hamburgers. Perhaps all of this really is just a novelty, and nothing more than a fun way to pass the time. However, one must be careful not to overspend when it comes to these smart phone apps because some of them really are downright lame.

  2. I wonder how much money I’ve saved having never bought a Smart Phone? Anyway, “App” is just another name for Application or Program. It’s just a piece of software that does something. They’ve been with us since computers were invented. A computer and operating system by themselves are fairly useless. So “Apps” are, technically, nothing new. I guess “App” was coined to refer to programs that run on devices not normally perceived as computers: phones, TVs, game consoles, dvd and blu-ray players, etc.

    Anyway, just like there’s tons of awesome and not-so-awesome programs for PCs, it’s natural for the same to hold true for smart phones.

  3. Smart phone, if I want to buy one, I don’t know how long must I saving money.
    Thanks for sharing.

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