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It is a fact that trends come and go, and for that matter, so do gadgets and gizmos. In order to be a nerd, you have to look the part. To that end, it can be mandatory for some to keep up with those technological fads. To have the newest iPhone at the ready, the latest advanced Blu-ray players at one’s disposal, and a tablet with more firepower than the hottest version of Firefox can be rather crucial for some consumers. Despite these items being up-to-the-minute, there is something else that they seem to have in common…they’re also ridiculously pricey.

To some individuals, price is no concern. After all, what is cost but a mere afterthought when someone is trying to keep up with the Joneses? However, to other consumers, an expense can certainly become a deciding factor when it comes to choosing between a Blackberry PlayBook and a Motorola Xoom. While some customers may camp in lines outside of their local BestBuy or Apple Store in hopes of snatching the latest thingamajig to hit the shelf, others could honestly care less.

So, is there such a thing as taking it too far? Have some consumers really become preoccupied with having the latest in techno trends, or, for lack of a better idiom, have some people truly gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Breakfast cereal references aside, William Parente certainly seems to think so.  A native of Melbourne, FL, he said he believes that some people are missing the point of technology.

“I covet the new stuff, but I wait a few generations to buy it because the newest stuff always has glitches,” said Parente, 23, a firefighter who describes himself as being in between when it comes to having to have the newest gizmos. “Anyone who stands outside a store for twelve hours for a piece of technology that will only be around for the next few years has missed the point of technology making the world a better place. I believe technology is supposed to be a convenience [and] something to make the world better to live in. However, if you are skipping out on living in this world for an entire evening to buy a piece of technology that, in most cases, is a luxury [and] not a necessity, then you are wasting the purpose of said technology.”

Akeem Anderson, 24, an account executive, seems to be of the same opinion. He said he doesn’t believe in having to have the latest gadgetry unless it’s conducive to his needs.

“I use technology that has daily functional use like smart phones and GPS,” said Anderson, a Chicago native. “If I can get by without it, I will.”

While Parente and Anderson both said that they are not stuck on technology, Christie Craft, a performance arts director from Tampa, FL, said she cannot imagine a world without an iPhone. In fact, she said she makes it her duty to keep up with some of the latest gizmos.

“I keep up on iPhones, e-readers, iPod accessories and sound equipment,” said Craft, 23. “I like flattened, streamlined products that hang. I keep updating my iPhones.  I keep up with the e-readers too. I have the new Kindle. I started with the Nook, but I like the layout and user interface with Kindle and Amazon. I just like technology.”

And so do some of the clients of

User iso99, a member of Surmunity since October 2009, said it depends on the gadget when it comes to making a purchase.

“I usually upgrade my gadgets after two years or if the need arises,” said the Surpass customer. “However, I sometimes get them upon release because I want them. [It is] just like the new Nintendo 3DS.  I regret buying it early [because] the launch dates of the games that I want were pushed back to a later date.”

Surpass customers aren’t the only ones with an affinity for electronic doohickeys. Recent reports have indicated that 108 million iPhones have been sold as of March 2011…and that was the old one. According to, the newest iPhone, the 4S, is set to launch in 15 more countries on November 11, and is currently available in 29 countries. Apple has stated that the 4S will launch in 70 countries before the end of the year. In its first weekend, more than four million units of the 4S were purchased which trumps the 1.7 million that its predecessor sold in its first three days.

It seems some consumers just can’t get enough of the latest tools and doodads, and it appears that more and more gizmos of different shapes, sizes, purposes and needs are being sold every day. In its first fiscal quarter, Apple sold more than four million Mac computers according to reports found on Based upon information on, estimates have indicated that Google’s beloved Android sells 350,000 phones or tablets each day. It may be safe to say that technology isn’t going away anytime soon…but what does it do to one’s wallet?

Some consumers would shudder to think. For individuals with a fixation on having all things technological despite what it may do to their piggy banks, some stores such as Best Buy offer a buy-back program that enables customers to sell back their electronic items in exchange for a gift card to upgrade to yet another item which is good considering that Apple is planning to release yet another iPhone next year. This has worked wonders for some techno-savvy consumers looking to save money, although ones that are inclined to using pagers and pay phones as effective communication could care less.

And why would they?

They’re still using pagers and pay phones.

– Jaylen Christie

Are you one of those consumers that has to have the latest gizmos and gadgets? Or are you the kind of person that could honestly care less? Let us know at our Facebook Page, our Twitter, or by sounding off in the comments below!


  1. That is a very informative article regarding technology. I agree with Akeem I only purchase based on my needs. In addition, I think the media plays a big roll in looping the advertisements and people are caught up and believe they must purchase that latest item.

  2. I like to keep up with tech, but have learnt that jumping on the 1st bandwagon isn’t always the best thing to do. I only just bought an eReader this year, a Kindle.

    • Jaylen C. says:

      Jaina, I can definitely relate. When my DVD player broke, I went a whole three years before upgrading to a BluRay player. I’m not too big on technology. My brother, on the other hand, is a different story. Is there any must have gizmos that you simply can’t live without?

  3. Brenda Christie says:

    Jaylen, as always I enjoyed reading your article. I believe there are individuals who just feel that they must have the lastest gadget in technology. I, on the other hand do not. I don’t need the latest thingamajig. Regardless of what the stores may be selling, if I don’t need it, I’m not buying it.

  4. I like to wait until something has been out a while before I get it. One, my budget keeps me from getting things sooner. Two, I noticed electronics drop in price considerably after a year. I’m a “waiter.” By the time I’ve gotten something, the techies have already moved on to version 2.

  5. You have great insight as always. I, myself like to wait before getting new techno gagets. Newest isn’t always better.

  6. Love the article! Technology is a wonderful thing but I too wait until the newness wears off. I like being in tuned with the lastest technology but it’s not something i thrive on. As long as my current technology works I’m good.

  7. Considering I’m still using a “dumb” LG C2000 for my cellphone (the first one I ever had) that I do not even text with, I don’t think I’d be in that crowd. At least not when it comes to phones. I don’t own any kind of laptop, iWhatever, or tablet. I do have MP3 players.. just not made by Apple :).

    My non-convergent eyesight makes me incompatible with 3D Movies and all the 3D TVs being pushed now, so that’s another new tech that I’ll have nothing to do with. But, that’s a biological reason for not getting in on that band wagon (actually, due to lack luster 3D TV adoption, I’m not sure there is a band wagon for those.)

    Also, partially due to my eyesight issues, I do not read books very much (really not at all) so I have no use for any of the eReader stuff.

    Anyway, unless I have an actual need or strong desire for something, I don’t get it. It’s a bit different on the Home Theater front. My sub-woofer I think cost more than the latest iPhone and all it does is play bass tones. But, it’s awesome LOL.

    • Jaylen C. says:

      Wow, Mark. That’s interesting. I’m not too big on technology either. I do wonder, however, how have you been able to cope without the usage of gizmos and gadgets?

  8. Wonderful MP4 to imovie converter on Mac lion

  9. It really doesn’t matter to me. So long as the technology works, I don’t care if it’s outdated. My Macbook is a dinosaur compared to current standards and I still love it. See no need to upgrade. The only thing I bother updating at all is usually my phone, but that’s more because I have terrible luck with my phones lasting more than a year. My Nexus S is holding up great so far and hope it stays that way.

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